Genomics 2 Notebook (g2nb) combines the accessibility and research narrative capabilities of Jupyter Notebook with the genomics tools available in Galaxy, GenePattern, and other popular bioinformatics platforms, adding many features for ease of use by non-programming scientists. This is a free, public, internet accessible resource.

Getting Started
Inroducing g2nb video


Create reproducible research

Notebooks are contained in projects that can have their own packages and libraries, allowing all dependencies to be encapsulated in a single environment, providing reproducibility.

Run compute-intensive analyses on high performance resources

A single notebook can run analyses hosted on a variety of cloud and high performance compute resources, allowing tools within a notebook to be run on the resources best suited to their requirements.

For Developers

g2nb is built for scientists and programmers alike

pip install g2nb
conda install -c g2nb g2nb

Author notebooks quickly and interpret notebooks easily

  • Rich Text Editor - Allows you to enter text as you would with a word processor, no markup language is required
  • User Interface Builder - Allows notebook authors to wrap any Python function as a web form, providing an easy-to-use code-free interface